"Remi scored 7 goals this week for her club team, PGH Soccer School is amazing! bordering on miraculous" Jenn H

“James does an unbelievable job with the kids. He knows how to include kids in all of the drills and to get the most out of each kid at each practice.  He has helped not only improve the skill of my son but he has increased his confidence and made him excited to attend each practice.  James truly seems to care about each and every one of the kids and makes his practices fun and rewarding” - Brian S

"We have had a wonderful experience with Coach James!  His love and enthusiasm for soccer is shown at every practice.  He has new and creative games for the children every week that are age appropriate and teach valuable skills.  He is always positive and communicates the schedule perfectly!  I have seen my daughter improve so much under James and hope he can reach as many youngsters as possible!" - Barb G

“Coach James has a 'fun' first approach that creates an atmosphere in which the kids have fun while learning fundamental soccer skills.  He is both enthusiastic and encouraging, building confidence in all his players. He runs practices that are well planned with engaging drills & games that are both fun and skill-based. Coach James is an excellent coach that is not only teaching skills, but most importantly, building a love for the game!” - Mark S

“Can we have coach James again? He is awesome!! He is truly wonderful with the kids! He is positive, very organized, communicates well and has taught our daughter so much. He really involves parents as well!! Highly recommend :)" - annonymous NA soccer club registration sign up

“I am very pleased with having been part of your soccer clinic this winter.  You have found a good mix between fun and education.  You obviously are a good soccer player, and Owen looks up to you and find that to be someone he can emulate.  The practice drills are also very engaging, and always different in style and purpose.  It is easy to run out of ideas and keep using the same drills, but that is never the case with you.   I look forward to your next practice session and regardless what time it is, Owen will be sure to be there to learn more about soccer” - Fred N

“Thank you for taking time to organize our winter soccer session. I think you do a great job with the kids and make learning soccer very enjoyable. It is nice to mix up our practices by bringing in additional coaches and having activities already planned for the kids. It keeps the kids engaged and excited to come back each week. I look forward to our next session” - Nicole F

My son looked forward to the session each week.  He truly enjoyed every workout session and spoke very highly of his coaches. The drills are fun and there is just the right level of competition for the age group.  The hour goes extremely fast.  The coaches are energetic and they work great with the kids. I really like how you integrated the parents in to the drills for one week. Thanks again for coaching and we hope to train under you again in the future” - Jon D